Coronavirus: Lone Star New Lynn issued two infringement notices, fined $24,000 for allegedly breaching COVID vaccine mandate

An Auckland restaurant has been issued two infringement notices and fined $24,000 for alleged breaches of COVID-19 protocols. 

Damned Fine Food Limited - the business operating the New Lynn restaurant - has been issued two Infringement Notices on 21 January for violations of the vaccine mandate. 

"One for allowing unvaccinated staff to carry out work when required to be vaccinated and the other for not having effective systems and processes to check CVC compliance. Each has an associated penalty of $12,000," WorkSafe told Newshub. 

Lone Star New Lynn made headlines in December when they advertised roles for people who weren't vaccinated against COVID-19.

Under the traffic light system, vaccine mandates will apply to border workers, healthcare workers, education staff, all employees in hospitality, events, gatherings, close contact businesses and gyms. 

Under red and orange, restaurants can only open for dine-in customers if they use vaccine passes otherwise they can only open for takeaway services. 

"WorkSafe wishes to note the actions of the New Lynn restaurant do not reflect the main company Lone Star, which has expressed a strong commitment to following the requirements of the COVID-19 Protection Framework," WorkSafe said. 

Newshub has approached Lone Star and Lone Star New Lynn for comment. 

A gym near Lone Starr New Lynn, was fined by WorkSafe for breaching the COVID-19 Protection Framework. 

Oliver MMA gym was fined $12,000 for knowingly allowing unvaccinated staff to work.