COVID-19: Brian Tamaki arrested for allegedly breaching bail conditions

Protesters are surrounding an Auckland police station after Brian Tamaki was arrested for allegedly breaching his bail conditions. 

Police launched an investigation earlier in the month after Tamaki visited Hagley Park in Christchurch to speak at a protest. However, Tamaki claims it wasn't a protest but rather a "family funday picnic".

The Destiny Church leader is facing multiple charges relating to the COVID-19 Protection Public Health Order and breaching bail conditions.

On Monday protesters swarmed the Mt Eden remand centre where he was taken and attempted to block the police car from entering. The crowd also performed a haka before surrounding the car. 

Protesters perform a haka as Brian Tamaki is taken into custody.
Protesters perform a haka as Brian Tamaki is taken into custody. Photo credit: Facebook

Tamaki and wife Hannah revealed he was going to be arrested ahead of police arriving at the couple's home on Monday morning.

"It's all about speaking the truth and actually that truth is about how our freedoms and rights have been eroded," Brian said in a Facebook video. 

The couple said they "don't regret what we are doing".

Tamaki said he's speaking on behalf of businesses and individuals who he says have been hurt by the vaccine mandate. 

"People think I keep breaching my bail conditions, I've always said I'm not guilty."

He went on to claim he should never have been charged in the first place. 

"For all of those who say 'book him, send him off to jail' you don't understand why this has happened and I should never have been charged in the first place thank you."

The couple also included two of their grandchildren in the video, with one calling for Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to resign. 

"I think it's pretty crap. But I am just glad that grandad has the apostlic anointing and the protection of god. I trust in him that he's going to look after grandad…and I would like to say to Jacinda, 'you should step down, you're mud and no one likes you'," she said. 

A police spokesperson told Newshub a 63-year-old man has been arrested for breaching bail conditions. 

"Police can confirm a 63-year-old man has been arrested in Auckland today.

"The man has been arrested in relation to a breach of bail conditions following an event in Christchurch on 8 January 2022.

"He is due to appear in the Auckland District Court via audio visual link later today." 

Tamaki appeared before the court three times last year. In November, he spoke at an anti-vaccine mandate protest in Auckland attended by more than 1000 people - despite the city being in alert level 3 and mass gatherings banned.

In October, he was charged with attending and organising a protest in breach of alert level 3 restrictions. He pleaded not guilty and was granted bail on the condition he didn't attend or organise any gathering in breach of the COVID-19 requirements. 

Days later, Tamaki attended another event at Auckland Domain and was charged with breaching his bail conditions. He again pleaded not guilty and was given bail.

As well as not visiting the Auckland Domain, Tamaki's bail conditions state he's not allowed to organise, attend, support or speak at any protest gathering in breach of any current COVID-19 requirements.