First-time fisher captures moment two sharks steal her kingfish in Northland

First-time fisher Claudia Sánchez has a story she'll never forget.

She was out fishing for kingi in the Far North's Rangiputa Harbour on Friday when not one but two sharks emerged from the water. The moment was caught on camera and posted to Facebook.

Sánchez first caught the kingi on her line and started reeling the fish in before realising she was in competition with a large shark also after a feed. 

"You're in a battle with a shark now," one person on the boat can be heard saying.

As Sánchez continued to reel the kingi in, the shark chased the line and ended up attacking the large fish. The shark ended up getting caught on the hook while eating the kingi. 

As Sánchez reeled the shark to the surface, it bit off the line and continued eating the fish. Then another giant shark appeared and started fighting over the kingi with the other shark.  

Sánchez told Newshub she was incredibly proud of her catch on her first-ever fishing trip. 

"If I see any boys flexing their kingi pics, I’ll just whip out this video - 'ever caught a kingi, and two sharks?'" Sánchez, a real estate licensee and co-host of the Pea and Claudia Show, told Newshub.

Sánchez said she was worried she was going to get pulled into the ocean by the force of the shark.

"I felt very lucky not to be pulled into the ocean," she said. "Even though it happened on Friday, my muscles are still hurting. 

"I was a little nervous when it started pulling, but deep down I was like 'Claudia focus, focus'".

Sánchez said she can't stop watching the video and described the fishing trip as an "unreal experience" and a "catch and loss of a lifetime."