#HotelPredictions: Online tool helps you find out how good your MIQ stay will be

#HotelPredictions: Online tool helps you find out how good your MIQ stay will be

For those lucky enough to secure a spot in managed isolation and quarantine (MIQ), they may already have worked out exactly where they'll be spending their 10 days of isolation.

#HotelPredictions is an online tool helping Kiwi returnees mentally prepare for their stay - a simple spreadsheet taking the guesswork out of the gamble that is the MIQ lottery.

The idea came after biochemist Nathan Kenny and his family moved home from the UK in August, realising that there was a science behind the allocation of MIQ hotel rooms.

"It quickly became apparent over the course of a couple of weeks and months that it was a very clear pattern with how people arrived and where they ended up," Kenny explained.

Knowing where people, particularly families with children, ended up offered some solace during a time of great uncertainty.

"There's a lot to juggle. And even going from a list of about 30 hotels to a list of about five gives you some idea and some control over the process."

The idea has taken off with travellers and is attached to an MIQ Facebook group with more than 16,000 members.

"It certainly helped in terms of giving us an opportunity for us to do some exploration of the kinds of rooms that we might be popped into and where we might end up, and how we could manage our expectations," said Lesley Wright, a Kiwi in quarantine.

It's created a community for returnees with helpful tips and information to make their stay more bearable.

"Bring an HDMI cable so you can plug in your streaming device; download content on your streaming service in case your Wi-Fi is spotty in your hotel; bring a Bluetooth speaker so you can play your music," advises fellow quarantiner Hannah Pia Baral.

Physiotherapist Ami Su has now taken over from Nathan analysing the stats and says the demand to know is higher than ever.

"Everyone is doing good, we just need a lot of feedback. Literally the system is built from feedback."