Inaugural Far Far North bombing competition held off Pukenui Wharf in Northland

Gorillas, coffins, staples and the manu are all the different styles of the great Kiwi tradition of 'bombing'.  

Some of Northland's best were honoured on Friday at the inaugural Far Far North bombing competition at the Pukenui Wharf.

There are a few essential ingredients to making the perfect Kiwi summer. Hanging out with your mates, nailing bombs off the wharf and for kids up in Northland, life doesn't get much better.

The only thing that could top it is a competition to find the best bomber in the Far North.

"There are three styles. There is manus, staples, and gorillas," one contestant told Newshub. "And you do as many as you want." 

Organiser Jason Hakaria came up with the idea to inject some fun into a community that's needed a bit of a boost lately.

"It's been pretty tough up here in the Far North, but I guess this is something on a positive note that everyone can enjoy," Hakaria told Newshub.

"There's not a lot happening for our young ones in the Far North this time of year, so it's something they can all get involved in." 

Competitive bombing as a spectator sport is pretty cool. The weather's great, the crowd is awesome but the one downside is you get pretty wet.

Judge Arron Cowie came back home in 2020 after 12 years in Washington DC and he's missed the fun whānau time.

"It's a great thing for the community. Just families hanging out together and doing what they normally do in the summertime," Cowie said. 

Contestants ranged in ages and all various levels of skill with the talent pool coming from all over the district.

Hakaria hopes this is the first competition of what will be an annual event and after all, now there's a top bomber to beat.

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