Row brewing in Christchurch over 'unlawful' protests and Destiny Church events in Cranmer Square

A row is brewing between a Christchurch neighbourhood and the council.

Residents say the council isn't doing enough to manage what they call unlawful events held by Destiny Church and noisy protests in a nearby square.

Despite full sunshine the umbrellas were out in full force at Christchurch's Cranmer Square in an attempt to block Newshub filming Destiny Church's new weekly Sunday service in action.

Nearby residents aren't impressed the normally peaceful park has been taken over with no notice.

"The problem I have with what they're doing is the fact that there's no permits," says Stephen, a nearby resident.

Locals say that as well as the religious services, the square has been filled with 600 to 700 noisy protestors and frequent unpermitted events almost every weekend for months.

They're frustrated at the lack of policing of the law and feel their rights as residents have been ignored.

"They're selling food. They've got toilets on here. If it was just your local Joe Blow they would have to get permits so why wouldn't these people get permits to hold their events," Stephen says.

"To have the level of disruption for such a long period of time is really starting to annoy my community," adds Christchurch City Councillor Jake McLellan​.

In a statement to Newshub the Christchurch City Council said staff have contacted the protest organisers and requested event permits be submitted, "however this has not occurred to date".

"As a first step the Council is currently intending to recover the costs it has incurred as a result of the activities," it said.

Despite repeated attempts to get a response from Destiny Church and The Freedom and Rights Coalition, both parties have declined to comment.

It's leaving residents questioning why those who fight so hard to be heard are now voiceless.