Anti-mandate convoy protesters vow to stay outside Parliament for the rest of the week

More than 1000 protesters descended on Parliament grounds on Tuesday after driving in convoys from both ends of the country - and some plan on staying for the rest of the week.

Hundreds of cars clogged the central streets of Wellington as protesters abandoned their vehicles and marched towards the Beehive.

Cars, vans, trucks and motorbikes took over central Wellington, blocking the CBD as they descended on Parliament to protest jab mandates and COVID-19 restrictions, taking inspiration from protesting truckies in Canada.

The convoy travelled from both ends of the country, arriving in the capital on Tuesday. Once there, many simply gave up on finding a car park, instead abandoning vehicles on main roads.

But Wellington City Council wasn't giving out tickets, telling Newshub it was a safety issue. At Parliament, masks and social distancing were non-existent - but no arrests were made.

Many say this isn't an anti-vaccine protest, it's anti-mandate - but some of the messaging suggests otherwise. Regardless of their reasons for being there, they're all demanding answers from the Government.

But politicians weren't interested in responding.

"I do not endorse the anti-social part of their protest. I don't think blocking roads, stopping people from going to work is helpful," said ACT leader David Seymour.

So what do Wellingtonians think about today's actions? Most weren't happy with what they saw, some describing it as ridiculous and disruptive.

But it's a disruption that could only just be beginning. The protesters have now set up tents on Parliament's front lawn, an indication they're in it for the long haul.