Coronavirus: 386,000 Kiwis now more than six weeks overdue for their COVID-19 booster vaccination

Our daily COVID case numbers have broken the 300 mark for the first time ever. There were a record 306 cases today - 216 were in Auckland, 48 in Waikato and the rest scattered around the country.

For the first time in the outbreak, the Southern DHB has recorded a community case - in Queenstown, with the airport, the Skyline Gondola and a restaurant locations of interest.

'The Big Boost' national week of action got off to a strong start on Wednesday with 56,000 people getting a booster - but is it enough?

In this hot and humid weather, all you want to do is relax and put your feet up, but even though vaccination centres aren't run off their feet, there's a steady stream giving their immune systems a pre-Omicron boost.

While some are on their third, others had their first.

Testing also saw a surge. On Wednesday almost double the number of people got tested compared to Monday and Tuesday, revealing 306 new cases.

Rising case numbers are expected to push up demand for boosters. 1.7 million people have had their booster, that's 55 percent of those eligible.

But 1.4 million are yet to get theirs, and Newshub can reveal 386,000 of them are now six weeks or more overdue.

A drive-through vaccination centre on Gunton Dr in West Auckland is set up to do 1500 vaccinations a day, but they're currently only seeing around 200 people.

The Prime Minister wants more, and fast.

"Whilst we don't know what our case numbers will eventually look like, one of the key determinants will be the number of people who get boosted. The more people get boosted the less likely it is that we will have significant pressure on our health system."

So if you're double-vaxxed, it may be time to go out and do it again.