COVID-19: Anti-mandate protester Brad Flutey admits 'quite a few getting really sick' at Parliament

A prominent anti-vaxxer at the Parliament protest has admitted many of his fellow demonstrators are falling ill - although he claims COVID-19 is not the culprit.

The comments come after Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield confirmed on Thursday afternoon that COVID-infected members of the anti-mandate protest had been seeking hospital care.

"There's actually been quite a few people who are getting really, really sick," Brad Flutey said in a video on Telegram that is now circulating on Twitter.

"My advice to everyone down there that might actually be something to do with some devices so you are going to have to find some way to stay off-site every now and then so you can take care of yourself."

"We are going to take care of those devices."

Flutey, a known conspiracy theorist and former political candidate, made the baseless claim electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation was being used on protesters to cause COVID-like symptoms.

Australia's ABC News reports attendees of the Canberra Freedom Protest similarly claimed devices were emitting sonic low-frequency weapons against peaceful protesters to make them feel ill. 

However now that COVID-19 has made its way into the protester's campgrounds in Wellington, it may be more plausible that the sickness is from the virus rather than a radioactive weapon deployed by the Government.

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Health confirmed two positive results had been detected among the group of protesters that are camped on Parliament's front lawn.

The protest was also officially deemed a location of interest on Thursday by the ministry.

Flutey is a former Social Credit candidate who in the past has organised 'freedom' protests against the use of COVID-19 checkpoints.

In January he was tasered and arrested after reportedly refusing to wear a mask in a liquor store and abusing staff.