Muggy 'Fiji-like' weather to continue for Auckland, heavy rain in South Island

Aucklanders hoping for a reprieve from the sticky, sleepless nights are out of luck with more humidity forecast for this week.

The city of sails has been sweltering with the most humid days this summer recorded on Tuesday and Sunday. The Fiji-like levels of humidity can be blamed on tropical and moisture-laden air from north of the country funnelling down to New Zealand, Metservice says.

As a result humidity levels will be around 90 percent for the entire week, which means more sticky, clammy days and nights for Aucklanders.  

WeatherWatch says the humidity will stay high for the upper North Island for the rest of the week. 

"A dew point around 20 degrees feels quite tropical. On Saturday this peaks around 23 degrees but could get to around 24 with an air temperature of 26 or 27. That is basically the same as being in Fiji, [it's] quite remarkable." 

But the humidity is expected to drop away on Sunday and Monday as an ex-tropical cyclone settles in the Tasman Sea.

The cyclone is expected to bring heavy rain for the North Island, but it won't be as bad as previously expected. 

"The latest maps don't have it hitting the North Island but dropping south into the Tasman Sea out west. 

"The North Island is still likely in for some rain over the course of Friday through Sunday but maybe not as intense as it could have been." 

WeatherWatch noted it's still too early to tell exactly where the cyclone will land. 

What is more certain is the South Island should prepare for a deluge with heavy rain forecast for the West Coast this afternoon before easing tomorrow.