New Zealand Government launches campaign for zero road deaths by 2050

New Zealanders are being urged to take a zero-tolerance approach to people being hurt or killed on our roads.

The Government's launched a public awareness campaign to help achieve its target of zero road deaths and serious injuries by 2050.

"People continue to die on our roads because of that mindset of a toll that we accept and it has to stop," Transport Minister Michael Wood says.

A new advertisement has been released as part of the Government's Road to Zero Campaign.

Its long-term goal is no death or injuries on our roads by 2050 and the shorter-term goal is to reduce the road toll by 40 percent by 2030.

"We know it's realistic with some hard work because we've seen it done in other countries," Wood says.

A 40 percent reduction would mean fewer than 226 deaths a year within the next eight years.

Last year there were 320 deaths and already this year there have been 54.

Police say safer speeds have a huge role to play - so speeding fines could increase and speed limits may be lowered.

"There's parts of New Zealand where a lower speed limit would contribute to lower deaths and less injury," Assistant Police Commissioner Bruce O'Brien says.

Though one advocate worries speed is not the only answer.

"They definitely have got tunnel vision on speed and unfortunately, they're applying it wrongly in many situations," New Zealand motorsports racing driver Greg Murphy says.

Instead, the Government's being urged to focus more on driver education.

"Putting more emphasis and focus on making drivers more aware and better and safer behind the wheel from the beginning and we're not doing a good job of that," Murphy says.

And doing a better job of that could avoid many more crashes.