Newshub-Reid Research poll: Almost half of Kiwis want New Zealand to remain a monarchy after the Queen dies

Kiwis are keen for King Charles and Queen Camilla, with the latest Newshub-Reid Research poll showing almost half of New Zealanders want to remain a monarchy after the Queen dies.

But Te Pati Māori (the Māori Party) said it's time for Aotearoa to file for divorce from the Crown.

There was a 21-gun salute in Wellington for 70 years of Queen Elizabeth on Monday.

Most Kiwis had a positive reaction when asked what they thought of the Queen's 70-years at the throne.

"Good on her - time she gave up though," one person said, while another added: " I think she's done a great job and she's probably got a few more years left."

"She's got high integrity. As I say, probably can't be said about the rest of her family but that's life," another said, while another Kiwi added: "I like Queen Elizabeth - she seems cool".

Not just the Queen who seems cool - Kiwis still seem cool with the monarchy, even when Prince Charles takes charge.

In the latest Newshub Reid Research poll we asked: "When Queen Elizabeth is no longer Queen, should New Zealand break away from the Commonwealth and become a republic?"

The results showed that 48 percent said no - they're not ready to wave a royal goodbye to the Crown, while 36.4 percent said yes it's time to break away and 15.6 percent don't know.

"It seems like it's worked for the last 70 years, so seems good," one person said to Newshub, while another person added: "There's more benefit in staying in I think".

But not everyone thought we should stay with the British Monarchy. 

"I think we should have been a republic a long time ago," one person said, while another person said: "I'm not sure about this Charles and Camilla in charge".

Some royal subjects weren't keen on the Queen's comments on Sunday that Camilla should eventually become Queen. 

"If it was Princess Di it would have been alright, but not her," one person said.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern - herself a republican - was unsurprised so many New Zealanders are jubilant about staying in the monarchy on the 70th jubilee.

"In my lifetime we're likely to see change but for right now I don't see it as a major focus for New Zealanders," Ardern said on Waitangi Day. 

"I think we feel a sense of gratitude as we go through the jubilee celebrations."

But Te Pati Maori says it's time to cut ties and file the divorce paperwork now.

"There's not a lot of the colonisation traits that come with the British royal family that we want to retain," Māori Party co-leader Debbie Ngarewa-Packer said. 

The Greens are a bit more diplomatic.

"I'm unsure whether a referendum on that issue would be top of my personal priority right now," said Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson.

To officially divorce the Crown, it would have to go to a referendum - something neither major party nor the public - seem interested in.

Meaning New Zealand appears fit for a king.

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