Some Otago University students heading out to party again after testing negative before day five

Otago University says it is working with a number of students who've tested positive for COVID-19.

But there is confusion about isolation as those testing negative before day five head out to party again.

Newshub went with Police as they patrolled the streets of student flats on Friday night.

Castle Street on a Friday night has seldom been so quiet with only the odd few out and about.

"Last night it was a huge reduction in the number of students on Castle Street. Around about 8:30pm I hardly saw a student," said campus police officer Senior Constable John Woodhouse.

"It didn't seem like O-week at all so students have taken this COVID scare to heart."

It's likely to stay that way for a while longer yet with more positive cases confirmed in the North Dunedin area.

"Not many people out because actually a lot of people tested positive of COVID," one person told Newshub.

But there's a bit of confusion over isolation for some who have tested negative.

"I just tested negative yesterday but I was like 'do I have to go again' because apparently you don't get it until five days after," another said.

Many are choosing to head back out rather than wait it out, although most partygoers appear to be trying to keep themselves safe.

"We're still seeing our friends so we're still enjoying ourselves so it's all good," one partygoer said.

Police spent the night visiting flat parties, with one group of scarfies challenging the stereotype.

"They are keeping well below the required number and they are scanning in and they are showing their vaccine passes," Snr Const Woodhouse said.

There may be fewer partygoers but that doesn't mean fewer cases of Omicron.

Saturday marks day five since the COVID-positive guest showed up and it also marks the day contacts needed to get a second test.

"We knew that we would have high demand this morning so we put more staff on board," said WellSouth CEO Andrew Swanson-Dobbs.

And testing started early.

"Anybody who is symptomatic or has been at a location of interest and anybody who's been a close contact, come in," Swanson-Dobbs added.

O-week may look a little different this year.

"Every party you go to you have to line up and scan," one person said.

But Omicron hasn't been the ultimate party pooper.

"There's been a lot more admin in terms of hosting parties but for what it is everyone's still having fun," another added.

Sticking to the rules so they can still experience the rituals of southern scarfie life.