Watch: Dozens arrested as anti-mandate protesters clash with police outside Parliament

Dozens of people have been arrested as anti-mandate protesters clashed with police outside Parliament on Thursday. 

The protesters have been camped out at the grounds since Tuesday after travelling from both ends of the country to protest mandatory COVID-19 vaccines. 

Tensions kicked off this morning after protesters refused to remove tents from the grounds. On Wednesday Speaker of the House Trevor Mallard told them to remove the tents or they could be trespassed. 

Video footage from the scene shows several people being pushed to the ground before being handcuffed and taken away. 

Police can be seen creating a barricade stopping protesters from getting close to Parliament.

The police, all of whom are wearing face masks, can be seen pulling unmasked protesters from the crowds and arresting them. 

One man, who appears to be resisting, is dragged away by a group of officers. While another is pushed onto his stomach while his legs are held down. 

A woman standing in front of a tent can also be seen berating a policeman while pointing at her arm. 

Several people are holding signs, one of which reads: "We are here until this is sorted…"

Watch the full video above.