Anti-mandate protest: Video shows demonstrator being punched multiple times by police officer

A video captured by a Newshub camera during the anti-mandate protest violence in Wellington on Wednesday shows a protester being punched multiple times by a police officer. 

Protesters had been camped outside Parliament for 23 days pushing for a removal of the COVID-19 vaccine mandate and restrictions.

Police on Wednesday worked to clear the occupation, resulting in clashes between officers and demonstrators on the Beehive's grounds which then spilled onto the surrounding streets.

In one incident captured by Newshub and other footage posted on social media, a man is seen being punched multiple times by a police officer before collapsing on the ground. Another officer and nearby demonstrators then move in to assist the man.

Another angle of the incident shows the man pushing another police officer in the back, while the cop appeared to be trying to detain another demonstrator. It was after that the other officer came in and began throwing punches.

Newshub has contacted the police for a response to the incident.

Other videos captured during the day showed police officers being kicked on the ground, demonstrators hurling bricks and bottles and cops being sprayed with fire extinguishers. 

Speaking about the day's events to AM on Thursday morning, Police Commissioner Andrew Coster applauded his officers who helped bring the anti-mandate protest to an end.

"Our people did an incredible job and the teamwork and support they showed for each other, and the bravery for our community was incredible," Coster said.

It's been a day of cleaning up and taking stock in Wellington on Thursday after the unprecedented scenes of violence that saw 87 people being arrested and seven police officers requiring hospital treatment.

House Speaker Trevor Mallard has vowed to restore Parliament's grounds, which resembled a warzone of rubbish and wreckage on Thursday morning.