COVID-19: Anti-mandate protesters plot next move on Wellington's south coast

Protesters who have recently been kicked off Parliament's grounds have now moved their camps to Wellington's south coast, where they're regrouping and deciding what's next.

The 23-day-long occupation of Parliament's lawn came to end on Wednesday after police swept through and cleared all the protesters out.

There are still a few protesters hanging around the area fighting for their cause, but the lawn space they occupied for more than three weeks was left completely littered.

Some of those who have moved out of the immediate protest area are now holed up elsewhere in Wellington.

"I don't really know what everyone's plans are but all I know is the protest isn't done. From there I don't know, it's only been one day," one protester says.

Whatever those plans turn out to be, police will be keeping a very close eye, but attention is now turning to cleaning up Parliament's grounds.

"I don't want to put a number on it at the moment but we've got some plans in place and we're talking to the Government about that," says Wellington Mayor Andy Foster.

Taranaki Whānui is ready and waiting to help where they can. 

"Being here today, you get to really see the full effect of what's happened, what's transpired. The wairua of the place feels really pouri, really sad," says chairperson Kara Puketapu-Dentice.

"We're very keen to participate in how we restore the mana and the mauri of this place."

Disgust at the grounds aside, locals are pleased to have their city back.

"Feeling a bit surreal, isn't it. Nice to see the streets clear and such a visible police presence," one person says.

"I don't envy anybody doing that clean-up," another says.

Officials say there's no clear price tag on what the clean-up will cost.