Destiny Church senior pastor Derek Tait trespassed from Christchurch mall after group tries to enter for 'non-compliance sit-in'

Derek Tait.
Derek Tait. Photo credit: SOPA/LightRocket via Getty Images

Senior Destiny Church pastor Derek Tait has been issued a trespass notice from a Christchurch mall, as a group of about 20 was turned away ahead of a planned "non-compliance sit-in".

The incident happened at The Hub Hornby on Wednesday afternoon, with Tait posting about the situation on Facebook.

He said he was given the trespass notice before walking in the mall and "they won't even tell me why".

"Just me... trespassed but all of us [were] not allowed in," he said in one social media comment.

In an earlier post on the Canterbury Freedom and Rights Coalition Facebook page, Tait had said: "This Wed 12pm Hornby mall our next non-compliance sit in."

The Freedom and Rights Coalition is an anti-COVID restrictions and mandates group founded by Destiny Church's Brian Tamaki.

The Hub Hornby.
The Hub Hornby. Photo credit: Google

Tait said in a message to Newshub he was trespassed from The Hub Hornby after mall management told him he was a "mover and shaker in the community".

He told management the move to trespass him was discrimination, he said.

Jason Marsden, the senior centre manager for The Hub Hornby, said approximately 20 people were refused entry to the mall at about midday on Wednesday.

It's understood the group had been targeting various Christchurch shopping centres, Marsden told Newshub.

"We understand [that] they attempt to purchase food and beverages from businesses whilst not wearing masks nor presenting vaccine passes as required." 

Marsden said the decision to refuse entry to the group was done so with the safety and comfort of mall staff, retailers and customers in mind.

"The Hub Hornby is fully committed to upholding the current public health requirements around COVID," he explained.

"I spent approximately two hours talking to members of the group, listening to their concerns, beliefs and explaining our stance and decision. Whilst the group was not happy to be refused entry I did get the feeling that they were at least happy to be heard."

One person was also issued with a trespass notice during this time, Marsden confirmed.

Police said they were aware of the small protest at The Hub Hornby but it was managed by mall security staff.