Watch: Man arrested on Parliament grounds just hours after fences installed

Protester Brett Power has been arrested on Parliament's grounds just hours after metal fences were put up in anticipation of a second 14-day protest.

Footage shared to a chat on social media app Telegram shows a group of six police officers running toward Power before arresting him.

"Nothing like creating a scene when we weren't doing anything," the man recording the ordeal says. 

While Power was handcuffed and escorted off the forecourt of Parliament he said, "I'm happy to do this" to several supporters also recording the arrest. 

The group chanted, "Shame, shame, shame, shame!" as the man was taken away. 

Police confirmed in a statement 15 protesters gathered at Parliament on Thursday afternoon.

"After discussions with police, they left the area, one person was arrested for breaching their bail condition," a spokesperson said.

The arrest comes after Parliamentary Services increased security measures on Thursday ahead of a planned 14-day protest at Parliament on Friday.

"No protest, events, or demonstrations are allowed access to the grounds while remedial work on them continues," Parliamentary services chief executive Rafael Gonzalez-Montero said.

Metal fencing now surrounds the perimeter of Parliament's grounds.  

Watch: Man arrested on Parliament grounds just hours after fences installed
Photo credit: Image - Newshub

"Given the hostility we have seen in recent times, measures will be in place regardless to ensure the safety and security of all those on precinct," Gonzalez-Montero said.

Parliamentary staff were being encouraged by the police to work from home until further notice. 

Police said additional officers have been called into the Wellington district to assist with the planned protest. 

"As we have done since the end of the last protest at Parliament, Police will maintain a high-visibility in the area," the spokesperson said.

A group called NZUnite announced the 14-day protest will begin on Friday. They said they plan on holding a different protest event each day and plan to "build and peak" in numbers.

The group said they have several matters they will protest against including misinformation, the COVID-19 Response Act and "police brutality".