Protester accuses cop at Parliament protest of 'inciting violence', mob yells 'murderers' after showers taken

An anti-mandate protester has launched into an abusive tirade at a police officer outside Parliament in Wellington, accusing him of inciting violence for standing inside the boundary and telling him he would face war crimes charges.

The protester filmed himself speaking to an officer who was standing against concrete blocks at the intersection of Lambton Quay, Bowen Street and Whitmore Street near Parliament.

Despite demonstrators' claims they are fighting for people's freedom, the protester took exception to where the officer was standing.

"You are inciting violence, you torture us and then your standing here as if you own this s**t," the protester says.

"Inciting violence and hatred .... you think you are going to break our women's bones and smile over here and we are going to smile back, no mother-f****r, you're in for war crimes.

"Now step back and get behind the bloody boundary. Get back, get the f**K back, why are you inciting violence."

A fellow demonstrator then starts defending police and asks the man filming himself to "respect" the officers and show "peace and love".

The man filming then starts another long rant.

"These people wave white flags and say peace and love to this guy [a police officer] who comes and breaks bones and tortures our women but this is not how you do defence," he says.

"Kiwis need to learn resistance 101, you don't let these goons cross your boundary. You don't have a chat like this with the goon squad.

He goes on to call police "murderers" and "torturers" and gets frustrated at fellow protesters for "protecting war criminals".

In another video on social media, you can hear protesters simultaneously yelling "peace and love" and "you're f*****g murderers" at police after their showers were seized, which police say were parked illegally.

Warning this video contains strong language that may offend. 

Another video from overnight shows protesters yelling abuse and profanities at police.

On Monday night, police stormed in with riot gear around midnight to remove shower blocks that had been erected.

Protesters' cars were damaged in the process and in retaliation, demonstrators slashed the tyres of cop cars parked nearby, police said.

Police say they are concerned by the deteriorating conditions at Parliament grounds and urged people to stay away from the protest due to 'extremely poor' sanitary conditions, aggressive behaviour within the protest group as well as the presence of COVID-19.

"Increasingly, key protest group leaders are unable to control or influence the disparate groups within the protest," police said on Sunday.

"We are urging people intent on attending the protest today or the coming week, to stay away, this is not a safe place. We do not want more people joining this environment and putting their health and safety at risk," a police spokesperson said.