Thames-Coromandel councillors defy Mayor Sandra Goudie's opposition to climate action

Thames-Coromandel District Council buillding.
Thames-Coromandel District Council buillding. Photo credit: RNZ / Jean Bell

Thames-Coromandel district councillors have defied their mayor's opposition to signing the Climate Leaders Declaration.

They've voted for another elected member to sign anyway.

In 2017 Local Government New Zealand started asking councils to commit, on paper, to focus on reducing climate change.

This included promoting walking and public transport, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting renewable energy use.

But Thames-Coromandel district mayor Sandra Goudie refused to sign.

Local Government New Zealand has now told the council another leader can sign, if most councillors support this.

This morning all councillors besides the mayor nominated and approved councillor Martin Rodley to sign instead.

The mayor responded saying: "I don't believe anyone should be signing this document and I don't believe we meet the decision-making criteria of the Local Government Act."

Mayor Goudie has been concerned about the financial impact of signing the declaration and "a quantum of cost".