Weather: New Zealand's summer scorcher set to continue with temperatures climbing into 30s

New Zealand might be into its second week of autumn but Kiwis can expect to see the scorching hot summer temperatures continue. 

WeatherWatch said many parts of New Zealand can expect to see temperatures climb into the late 20s and even the early 30s in the days ahead but there is a reprieve on the way. 

The forecaster is predicting Hamilton and Waikato to be the hottest with daytime highs hovering around 27 to 31C over the coming days while the Manawatu will also feel the heat with daytime highs in the mid to late 20s this week.

Aucklanders can expect partly cloudy but fine weather for Auckland over the next 10 days with temperatures ranging from 24 to 27 degrees.

The Canterbury region is one place that might see a reprieve with "Autumn-like" temperatures.

"In Canterbury this week, temperatures are Autumn-like and by Friday a low from NSW will drift past Fiordland and bring a surge of winds which will push daytime highs up in the east into the late 20s and early 30s," WeatherWatch said. 

"This changes over the weekend and gets cooler still by early next week."

WeatherWatch is warning Kiwis to keep an eye out for the longer nights and cooler mornings. 

"In March our nights get longer, faster, than any other time of the year," the forecaster said. 

"NZ is currently losing about 20 minutes of sunlight each week this month, so that's about an hour of sunlight gone from March 1 to March 31. 

"This is especially noticeable in the mornings which are cooler now, and have a heavier dew on the grass too."


WeatherWatch is predicting a southerly flow to kick in on Sunday ahead of the next high-pressure zone for New Zealand next week. 

"The southerly fades out as it heads up to northern NZ but will significantly cut back daytime temperatures for the South Island for early next week, and the lower North Island," WeatherWatch said. 

"The cooler airflow looks to be most noticeable at the start of next week."