Former All Black Dan Carter plans 24-hour kickathon with UNICEF to provide clean water to Pacific children

Former All Black Dan Carter plans to kick 1598 goals in 24 hours to raise funds for UNICEF to provide essential clean water and sanitation for children in the Pacific.

Earlier this year he announced the establishment of his DC10 Fund, a fundraising platform to support UNICEF's work.

And to launch the DC10 Fund, Carter will return to Eden Park on Thursday to attempt a 24-hour kickathon, aiming to successfully convert 1598 kicks - the total number of test points he scored as an All Black.

He told The Project the kickathon is a combination of the two things he is passionate about. 

"One - obviously kicking, something I've been able to do since I was a little kid and now transitioning into the next chapter of my life having retired from professional rugby last year, I'm really passionate about giving back, and in particular giving back to children."

Carter has been an ambassador for UNICEF for seven years and said an event like the kickathon has never been done before. 

"I don't know how I'm going to go."

Carter has pulled in teammates, friends and family to help him get through the 24-hour kickathon but said the donations will really help him get through. 

Carter started to train for his kickathon seven months ago, but soon discovered he wouldn't be able to kick with his left kicking foot for the entire 24 hours. 

"Went out there and kicked 150 balls in 45 minutes, quads strained, blisters all over my heels. So I had to spend the next three weeks kicking with my wrong foot and built that leg up so well, so I was like 'well we are going to have to use both'."

Carter and Newshub National Correspondent Patrick Gower went out to the field on Monday for some training, which went so well that Gower has offered to help.

"I can give you my number afterwards if you do need me."                                                        

The entire 24-hour kickathon will be livestreamed and you can donate here.