Malnourished horse at centre of row between SPCA and animal rescue group has now been euthanised

An emaciated horse at the centre of a row between the SPCA, its owner and Cambridge locals who tried to save her has now been euthanised.

The SPCA received a complaint about the horse's condition 15 months ago, but was satisfied then the owner hadn't breached the Animal Welfare Act.

The mare was seized on Friday following a fresh complaint.

It's sparked a fracas with the New Lives Animal Rescue group which said it had the owner's permission to save her.

Spokesperson for the group Donna Young said the horse was euthanised on Saturday and she's now considering action against the SPCA, claiming it should've acted sooner.

The SPCA said a full investigation is underway into how the horse came to be in this condition but it wouldn't be drawn on whether any prosecution is likely.