Trainer and racehorse banned after both test positive for meth

  • 23/04/2022
A trainer and her racehorse were both banned after testing positive for meth.
A trainer and her racehorse were both banned after testing positive for meth. Photo credit: Getty Images

A trainer who along with one of her horses tested positive for methamphetamine and amphetamine has been disqualified for three years. 

Rochelle Lockett, who the Racing Integrity Board at a hearing referred to as a "well-respected figure in the Thoroughbred Racing Industry," was found to have the drugs in her system after a race in January this year. 

Lockett's horse Be Flexi won the fourth race at the Otaki-Maori racecourse in Otaki. The horse was tested for drugs and returned a positive result on January 28 for methamphetamine, a banned substance. 

Lockett was then tested, firstly by a urine test then later by testing hair follicles and she also returned a positive test.  

A swab taken from the ceiling above the driver's seat in the horsebox used to transport Be Flex also showed a positive test. 

Lockett said she didn't know how the drugs got into the horse's system, but later admitted to taking methamphetamine a few days before on her birthday.   

"Ms Lockett did not immediately acknowledge her methamphetamine use and, in so doing, implicated others. 

"When she eventually was forthcoming, she did not admit to anything other than casual use on her birthday some two days before the meeting. 

"The summary of facts which the Respondent has accepted, states that a hair sample submitted for analysis, returned a positive result showing the use of methamphetamine over 'approximately the last three months'" the Racing Integrity Board report said. 

Lockett was banned for three years, however if she could prove she was drug-free for 18 months the ban would be shortened. 

"The lifeblood of racing depends upon millions of dollars wagered in New Zealand. Loss of confidence with punters and the community and the integrity of the sport/industry, inevitably carries grave risk to its wellbeing," the report said.