Kaihoke hapu, community leaders lead hikoi calling for peace amid rising gang violence

A collective of Kaihoke hapu and community leaders have taken to the town's main street to lead a hikoi calling for peace upon the rising gang violence and shootings.

It comes as police arrested two people and recovered illegal firearms after an incident in Auckland's Mt Roskill overnight.

They were presenting a united front to protect their whanau and community - five hapu in the Northland town of Kaikohe joining to say enough is enough.

Laying down a rahui calling for peace and an end to gang violence following a spate of shootings.

"The rahui has been placed, really, if we are looking at the situation, around the preservation of life," said Mane Tahere, Te Tiahotanga spokesperson.

It's action taken as tension between gangs in the area heats up.

"We don't want a repeat incident of what happened in Whanganui a number of years ago where a two-year-old was shot in a drive-by shooting," said Jay Hepi, former Tribesman member.

It comes after Auckland Police said they're working with officers in Northland to determine if there are links between the violence in both regions.

On Tuesday, there were seven separate shootings targeting houses across Tamaki Makaurau. Police believe the Killer Beez and Tribesmen gangs were involved.

"There is a sense of fear. This morning we heard leaders of our community talk about schools doing drills for shootings," said Tahere.

"There are many scared whanau in the community," said Hepi. "Let's try and work together and work something out, whether it would be amongst yourselves."

Police have been investigating the latest crime wave and overnight, two people were arrested in Auckland after police say a vehicle linked to a local gang failed to stop.

Officers later found two restricted firearms at a house in the suburb of New Windsor, along with several rounds of ammunition.

While two different areas in the North Island try to tackle gang crime, the message has been made clear in Kaikohe.

"We've had whanau go around and place notice or signs in Kaikohe so whanau know that a rahui has been put in place," said Taihere as hapu, whanau, police all work to curb the violence.