Police investigating two separate sightings of missing Marokopa children and their father

Police are investigating two separate sightings of the missing Marokopa children and their father Tom Phillips on the outskirts of Ōtorohanga within the past two weeks.

Information handed to police on Monday included a possible sighting of the children in a vehicle with a female known to the family.

The other lead police are following is a possible sighting of someone resembling the 34-year-old father arriving on a four-wheeler at a local farm around two weeks ago.

Waikato west area commander Inspector Will Loughrin has confirmed to Newshub that investigating officers are "receiving regular information and this is something we are looking into".

Police put a plane up over the vast Marokopa area on Saturday.

It's almost six months since Jayda, Maverick, and Ember disappeared for a second time with their father.

They haven't been seen since.

Phillips was due to appear in the Te Kūiti District Court in January on a single charge of causing wasteful deployment of police personnel and resources in relation to a large-scale search for him and his three children in September.

Police said Phillips came home alone for a night in February to the family farm in Marokopa but was gone by morning.

The children's adult half-siblings took to social media earlier this month, appealing for the public to help them search on Saturday, June 11.

They're frustrated at what they feel is inaction by police and Oranga Tamariki.

The children's mother and one of the half-sisters met with Insp Loughrin last week.

"It is our responsibility to the family to keep them informed," Loughrin said. 

Police have "significant safety concerns" about members of the public going bush next Saturday to look for the children.  

One of the half-siblings has confirmed to Newshub that "the public search is now on hold, but we as a family will still be door-knocking".