Several hospitals across the country have earthquake-prone buildings not up to code

Several more hospitals have been revealed to have earthquake-prone buildings which will need either fixing or demolishing.

It comes after plans were revealed this week to shut Hutt Hospital's main building.

As earthquake-prone Hutt Hospital grapples with how to move patients and services from its main building, it's been revealed several other DHBs have similar, or worse, compliance issues.

One boiler room at a Capital and Coast DHB rated at just six percent of the code.

While Taranaki Base Hospital's clinical services block gets just 10 percent, that's below Hutt Hospital's 15 percent and well below the 34 percent cutoff.

"My concern is that nearly all of those on that list are actually a higher earthquake risk than Hutt Valley," National Party's health spokesperson Shane Reti said.

Taranaki DHB says it's already working on it, in 2018 it was told to address the issue "within 12 and half years" and it's "well ahead of this timeframe".

"I think every hospital needs to look at their facilities in the light of the actions that Hutt have taken and decide if they're still safe, and if not, what sort of plan is necessary to make it safe for staff and for patients," Reti said.

The Health Minister says there are thousands of public and private buildings that do not meet the code.

"A building that is marginally under 34 percent is perfectly safe to work in but it is not at code and a decision overtime needs to be made about what happens in terms of remediation of replacement," Health Minister Andrew Little said.

Among them is Wellington Hospital ED, which is right on the earthquake risk cutoff.

"Those buildings are not at imminent risk of collapse, it's that they don't meet a code and need to be brought up to code," Little said.

While there is money in the Budget to improve hospital infrastructure ($1.3 billion), much of it has already been earmarked for existing projects and Nelson, Whangarei and Hillmorton Hospital in Christchurch are top of the list - but it's not nearly enough to fix them all right now.