Supply chain issues affect distribution of police uniforms

Supply chain issues caused by COVID-19 have affected the distribution of police uniforms across the country, with the current supply being limited to the recruits at Police College.

In April, police told their staff the factories that make the uniforms have either closed or have less staff working because of the pandemic.

"We are working with our suppliers to get our uniform stocks back up to a reasonable level as fast as possible."

Lockheed Martin, which works with the supply chain that distributes the uniforms, has been asked to order them for the police college.

"As soon as the backorders are cleared we will ask Lockheed Martin to issue uniforms to the districts," police told staff.

The supply chain disruptions have also affected the colour of the police officer's socks.

The blue dye for the socks has been hard to get hold of, which has resulted in the police having to change to black socks.

The polo shirts and trousers of frontline staff are replaced often as they are subject to a lot of wear and tear.

Police officers are allocated three shirts a year and usually replace their trousers annually.

There is no time frame for when this issue will be fixed and the backlog of orders will also need to be cleared before new uniforms can be ordered.