Thousands of people to attend New Zealand Boat Show over the weekend

The cost of pretty much everything is going up but it's not stopping people from forking out on big-ticket items.

Tens of thousands of people are expected to open their wallets at the New Zealand Boat Show this weekend, where everything from the biggest boat to the tiniest lure is drawing attention.

Saving up for your dream boat is one thing but then there's that whole challenge of catching fish. And to reel in the big ones you're going to need a good lure.

Michael Knight started out as a carpenter, now he designs and hand-makes fishing lures at home with his wife.

And with surging interest in fishing over lockdown, he simply cannot keep up with demand.

"You go into the book and then you'll see your lure in roughly three months' time."

It helps, of course, that there's some impressive proof of success on social media.

"Previous to me making lures, I didn't even have social media and now it's just taken over from everything, even compared to our website and everything."

It's one of the countless exhibits at this year's New Zealand Boat Show which is drawing crowds.

With rising living costs forcing many to tighten the purse strings, organisers said people are still keen to splash some cash on boating - even at the top end of the spectrum where prices soar into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Boat Show's general manager Dave Gibbs hopes the event will revive the market after it cooled a little earlier this year.

"A lot of these businesses working here are ma and pa businesses, provincial towns. This doesn't just keep their businesses alive, it keeps their whole communities alive," Gibbs said.

Many people are here just for a nosey but at the top end, there's no shortage of buyers.

"At the moment, for some of the boats it's an 18-month waiting list to get one," Gibbs told Newshub.

If not a new toy for the towbar may be something to dream about in the meantime.

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