Top spider expert on NZ's 1600+ 'absolutely bizarre' species and what to do if you find one in your house

They may not be everyone’s favourite insect, but New Zealand has an impressively diverse range of spiders that enrich our native fauna. 

There are likely more than 1600 arachnid species in Aotearoa, and most of them are as native to this country as kiwi and kākāpō. 

Although many are smaller than a grain of rice, under the microscope they resemble alien-like creatures from a sci-fi movie.  

In this video, Te Papa’s lead arachnid expert Dr Phil Sirvid discusses turning his fear of spiders into a 'deep and slightly mad' love for them and explains why it's common to find eight-legged visitors making their way indoors during Autumn.

He also reveals what you can do to safely remove them from your home.

Watch the video above.