Adventurous cat becomes a regular commuter on Queenstown bus

Rubei jumped on board the Orbus for a cat nap.
Rubei jumped on board the Orbus for a cat nap. Photo credit: Supplied

An adventurous cat is becoming a regular commuter on a bus in Queenstown.

Rubei the cat snuck his way past the bus driver and onto the Orbus for a cat nap, but his trip was cut short when a passenger noticed the furry 'purrpetrator'.

The passenger posted on the Queenstown Cat Rescue Facebook page that she encountered a cat riding the Frankton to Fernhill bus last week.

Not long after the post, Rubei's owner Belinda Lee Ricketts had to go rescue her mischievous kitty from his adventures.

Ricketts originally adopted Rubei, who suffers from epilepsy, from the Queenstown Cat Rescue. She is a trustee for the rescue and fell in love with Rubei's "super friendly" personality while fostering him.

Ricketts said she had suspected Rubei has been riding the bus for a while as she has had to collect him from the centre of town four times this year.

"He was happy and chilled out on the ride home, I think he knows I'll always come get him."