Christchurch Council still in debate over building stadium

Emotions were running high in Christchurch on Thursday as the endless stadium debate rages on.

Councillors were back on Thursday talking budget blowouts, timeline blunders and where to next - and the council said it's now up to the public.

The blowout now puts the cost at $683 million, making the stadium an extra $150 million and the council is now looking to the public.

"It's costing us $55,000 a day in increases," Central City Business Association's Annabel Turley said.

Councillors are aware emotions are high, and councillor Aaron Keown said he's been ambushed by the public.

"They ambush you in the supermarket, in the bar and walking down the street."

All diplomatic speech has gone from those who the delays are impacting most.

"It's just ridiculous," Turley said.

"I think it's pretty shambolic" Crusaders forward coach Jason Ryan said and Crusaders coach Scott Robertson wants someone to stand up.

Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel insisted she's always been in favour of getting it built.

"It is absolutely the final piece in the jigsaw. I think the sooner we get on with it the better."

Councillors heard on Thursday that construction costs have gone up 25 percent in the past nine months.

The new figure will add $39 to rates per year. The annual cost to the average home will be $144 a year all up.

The city hasn't had a decent sized stadium since 2011.

"Grandparents and kids probably don't turn up to the stadium anymore, it's just too cold," Robertson said.

There's now an entire young generation of Canterbury rugby fans who have never seen an All Blacks test in their lives.

Christchurch residents have also missed out on some big international acts for over a decade.

The council will decide what to do next month based on three options to carry on, delay or go back to the drawing board and it will be based on public feedback to the council. 

"If you want a stadium and you've been complaining about it for the past 10 years, speak up, this is your one chance ever," Keown said.

The council will decide what will happen with the stadium on July 14, the very next day the current contracts expire when costs would no doubt escalate further.