Cost of living crisis: Auckland City Mission struggling to keep up with demand for food support

The Auckland City Mission is struggling to keep up with the demand for food support due to the cost of living crisis.

Over the last three years, the mission has seen the demand for food parcels almost triple.

The mission delivered 26,200 food parcels in 2019, 45,500 were delivered in 2020 and 63,400 in 2021.

In the first three months of 2022, the mission distributed 12,800 parcels, the highest amount ever for that time of year.

Missioner Helen Robinson said she did not think the increase in demand could get any worse over the last couple of years, yet with things like fuel prices, food prices and other necessities increasing, the need for help has only become bigger.

"The dramatic and continued increase in the demand for food is deeply, deeply concerning and as temperatures drop in the next few months, the mission fully expects to see that heightened demand to continue, and very likely increase further."

Robinson says a food parcel is not a long term solution to food security but families need that short term support, so they can stay healthy and keep being a part of society.

The mission wants the public to help as winter brings in additional expenses including heating, travel and medical costs.

"We are asking for help during our Winter Fundraising Appeal which begins this week,” Robinson said.

The appeal is now underway.