Dashcam footage shows chilling near-crash between truck and car on Hawke's Bay highway

It was a close call for one truck driver, with dashcam footage showing a chilling near-crash on a North Island highway.

Driving on the Pacific Coast Highway near Mōrere Hill in Hawke's Bay, a truck driver heading uphill had to make a quick last-minute maneuver to dodge a car heading towards him on the wrong side of the road.

The footage shows a small car overtaking a truck heading downhill around a corner on a hill.

The uphill truck driver's reflexes quickly came into play as he swerved into a slow vehicle bay and avoided a collision by mere seconds.

Earlier this year, dashcam footage captured the terrifying moment a truck veered into another and spun out of control on the same highway.

However, this time the driver wasn't so lucky, having to be flown to the hospital by helicopter after the crash left him with a concussion and a completely destroyed truck.

New Zealand's driver behaviour has been put in the spotlight recently following the death of seven people after a van collided with a truck near Picton on Sunday. 

In February, the Government launched its 'Road to Zero' safety campaign, aiming to have no road deaths by 2050. But a transport operator says we won't get there without significant investment in infrastructure and education to stop reckless behaviour on the roads.