Group of workmates say they're lucky to be alive after home mistakenly targeted in gang shooting

A group of workmates say they're lucky to be alive after one of them was grazed by a bullet while eating his dinner.

Following a spate of gang shootings, police said it was "only a matter of time" before someone got seriously injured or killed.

And Wednesday night saw the closest call yet.

It was the narrowest of escapes.

"You must feel very lucky?" Newshub asked. 

"Yes, very lucky," Jone Rupena said.

Arrows point to each of the five bullet holes.

Abinesh Kumar had been sitting eating dinner in his room when his Albert Rd home in Manukau came under fire.

"The other guy was shouting, 'It was gunshot, gunshot'," Kumar said. "I was lucky I didn't stand up, I was sitting down there and gunshot was going on top of me."

His housemate Rupena did stand up, then dived for cover after he was hit.

"I stand up and bullet through me... then I go to under the bed," he said.

Rupena was taken to Middlemore Hospital, thankfully, the bullet had just grazed his side.

Just minutes later more shots were fired on nearby Boundary Rd.

On Thursday, armed police were standing guard while forensic investigators dug for evidence.

It follows a spate of tit-for-tat gang shootings. 

But these three construction workers aren't members of any gang.

"No, no gang links, no," Kumar said.

You can see the five bullet holes in the window. The bullets went straight through the window, through the wall and into the bedroom behind - where Abhineshwar Dass was sleeping.

"Through his window, the whole thing in my room," he said. "Yeah, really shocked."

It's left them feeling nervous.

"They can fire anywhere, gunmen are roaming around," Kumar said.

But relieved no one was more seriously hurt.

"Really lucky because at this time I was sitting down, when they're firing the bullets and he was sitting down too," Kumar said. 

There may not be a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow, but there was certainly some good fortune.