Hyundai and the tramp: Picture of Kiwi motorist moving trampoline on car roof goes global

"We wouldn't advise people to do this."
"We wouldn't advise people to do this." Photo credit: Social Media

A photo of a Kiwi motorist transporting a trampoline on top of their car roof has gone global, as police here warn against the practice. 

The photo of the Hyundai Accent's bizarre towing technique made it to the social media platform Reddit and has those out of Aotearoa scratching their head.

"What an idiot. The car is only going to bounce if it is on top. Is this a Southern Hemisphere thing?"

"To be fair, this could be most of Florida, you're catching up though lol," another said.

A police spokesperson said, "we wouldn't advise people to do this".

"We remind people about the need to ensure all loads being transported are properly secured and also the need to maintain good following distances."

The photo shared to a lower North Island traffic updates Facebook page had users on there amused too.

"Funny, exactly how I moved my tramp."

"Small town NZ, all good," another wrote. 

It's unclear where in New Zealand the photo was taken.