Police clear stray couch blocking busy Auckland highway

Auckland police were on couch patrol after a stray sofa was causing havoc on a busy Auckland motorway.

A video posted by Auckland City District Police, shows a police officer stopping his patrol car in front of a couch in the middle of the highway near Esmonde Road as cars divert around it.

The officer then assembles the cushions back on the couch and gets back in his car. He then drives slowly behind the couch, pushing it out of the way and onto a grass bank beside it.

The video warns drivers to make sure their load is secure before transporting items, as it may not be just your couch you could lose.

The police said similar behaviour could cost drivers a hefty $600 fine.

"You definitely shouldn’t be couch surfing on the motorway, or on any road for that matter," the post said.

"Don't be a La-Z-Boy (or girl), make sure your load is secure!"