Video shows loud bangs and flashes of light as sparks explode from surging powerlines in central Auckland

An Auckland resident said he thought the sound and light of sparking power lines on Monday night was fireworks. 

Freemans Bay resident Dave Geesaman was at home on Monday when he noticed flashing light outside his house.

"First we thought it was fireworks and it kept going on, and we finally went outside and saw what's in the video."

Video filmed from above by Geesaman shows light bouncing from powerlines on two different streets as sparks fly and lights on the street and inside homes turn on and off.

"I was confused as to what was happening."

Geesaman said he was surprised the power at his home didn't go out.

A spokesperson for power company Vector told Newshub crews responded to reports of sparking powerlines in Freemans Bay on Monday.

"We made the area safe so that repairs could begin."

The repairs were completed over Monday night and those who lost power had it returned on Tuesday morning.

"We remind people that if they see any low or downed power lines, to stay well away from them and call 111." 

Vector couldn't tell Newshub how many residents were affected by the sparking powerlines, but residents in Mt Albert and Mt Eden said on Reddit lights at their homes had also "been pulsing" on Monday night.