Woman on a mission to better support bereaved children begins 'special art project'

A woman on a mission to better support bereaved children has started a workshop to do just that, after losing her father when she was young. 

Founder of the Cloud Workshop Deb Smith told The Project when she lost her dad, she had no support. Her workshop aims to change that. 

"The Cloud Workshop is a special art project for young people who someone really close to them that they love has died, it really sucks, we don't like it. But we're just going to look after each other,

"We are going to learn to outsmart the sad," she added. 

She said there are a lot of children in Aotearoa who are bereaved and need support.

"I've made the project that I would have liked to go to, you can just come and be with a group of other kids who understand what you're going through without you having to spell it out."

A young boy called Thomas said it's "good" to be around those who understand.

"It feels good to know that everyone knows what you're feeling."

Smith said the children who attend her workshop continue to blow her away, she said she's learnt a lot from them.

Watch the full interview above.