Mysterious disappearance of cats in Golden Bay becoming a real issue - rescue centre The Peaceable Kin-dom

Disappearing cats have become a real issue in Golden Bay, the founder of a cat rescue centre says.

Lethea Erz, founder and coordinator of Golden Bay holistic animal rescue and sanctuary The Peaceable Kin-dom, told AM she knew there were reports of missing cats but didn't think much of it until a recent incident.

"We adopted a kitten out to a family that we rescued in Collingwood and they had two older cats. Within a couple of weeks, one of their older cats went missing and so that was when it came to my attention," she told AM.

Erz said she suspects the cats that have gone missing have been killed.

"In one case a woman's cat did make it home and was obviously in pain and she was rushing it to the vet and it died in agony in her presence."

Erz told AM she thinks the people responsible for the missing cats don't like them roaming around the neighbourhood.

"I can only speculate but it seems to be synchronicity that around the time a pet disappearance has gotten into the news, we are also seeing a spate of letters to our local paper suggesting that cats should be confined or not allowed to roam freely."

Erz said she has heard some families are looking into hiring a private investigator to get to the bottom of the cat-nappings.

"I can't confirm that but I know that one of the families that have lost two of their beloved pets are talking about that."

She said it has affected many cats in the area.

"The number that is officially bandied around is 50. In reality, some of the people that are more involved, the local folks think it's quite a lot more than that," she told AM.

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