People take to social media to bid farewell to Dr Ashley Bloomfield

Dr Ashley Bloomfield stepped down as the Director-General of Health on Friday and people have been taking to social media to express their gratitude for the public health leader.

Media Chaplaincy New Zealand tweeted: "It's nice having someone who recognises the critical work of our media. Thank YOU for your hard mahi and honesty around your mental health journey. Have a good break - maybe put yourself into lockdown away from everything for a bit."

Wellington's Te Papa also tweeted their goodbyes and shared an artist's version of Dr Bloomfield made out of recyclable materials with the caption: "One person's trash is another's national treasure? Dr Bloomfield has certainly earned a place in our history."

Another person tweeted: "Feeling genuinely sad but also supremely grateful about Dr Ashley Bloomfield's last day as Director-General. Will always think of his style of leadership through adversity whenever I encounter future challenges."

The Director-General of Health was scheduled to finish his term in June 2023 but decided to resign from the role nearly a year earlier.

 Dr Diana Sarfati will be acting Director-General of Health until there's a permanent appointee.