Young person filmed driving 160km/h on Auckland motorway while friend drinks

A road safety advocate says a video of a group of young boys drinking while the driver is going 160km/h is just one piece of Aotearoa's larger driving behaviour issue. 

Video filmed in the early hours of Saturday morning by the front passenger of the vehicle and shared on Instagram shows the speedometer hitting 160km/h along the Northwestern Motorway in Auckland. The speed limit for the stretch of motorway the video was filmed on is 100km/h. 

The front passenger then turns the camera to film their friend sitting in the backseat, who appears to be buzzing off the speed their friend is going. The person filming then brings the camera back around to the front of the car, showing a can of Canadian Club in hand. 

It's unknown whether or not the young driver was drinking too. Regardless, road safety advocate Greg Murphy said it "adds to the stupidity of the behaviour". 

"You think it's all fine and no problem and you're under control, [but] in a second it only takes an unexpected thing to add to that behaviour to all become a disaster," he said.

"There is no place for drinking and driving.

"If people haven't worked that out by now, we are doomed I suppose."

Also responding to the video, a police spokesperson said speeding is one of four main behaviours that contribute to death or injury on Aotearoa's roads.

"We are disappointed to see these types of dangerous acts as depicted in this video for the sake of a social media trend, and would ask that this not be replicated."

Murphy added that the video shows "concerning" behaviour.

"We've got serious issues in this county with driving behaviour."

The driving advocate told Newshub there needs to be a crackdown on rules because, as it stands, there is no deterrence for people who are willing to speed on public roads.

"This is an instance where someone is excessively speeding, but people are - regardless of what the speed limit is - people are still going to do these things, which shows that lowering speed limits is not going to fix behaviour like this."