Brian Tamaki's 'freedom' protesters filmed heckling cops for wearing masks

  • 08/08/2022

Livestream footage has captured the moment protesters from Brian Tamaki's Freedoms and Rights Coalition (FARC) group heckled police as they blocked the motorway.

The protesters, who claim to be fighting for freedom and against control, yelled obscenities at police for wearing masks during Saturday's protest, telling them to take them off.

"You're a f***ing disgrace," one said. 

"If you can take it off you can breath easier," said another person.

"Dorks," yelled another.

Tamaki's anti-Government group gathered at Auckland Domain for a 'Patriots Day and March' where they were met by a counter protest called 'FARC off Brian'. Police said during the weekend the protest came to an end "without issue". 

Footage captured by members of the counter-protest saw anti-Government protester Damien De Ment attempt to make his way through and around the group while displaying some of his dance moves. 

In other footage, Dement found himself in the middle of the counter-protest where masked protesters chanted "go away, go away, go away" before police seemed to escort him away.

Auckland City East Area Commander Inspector Jim Wilson told Newshub on Saturday the protests saw around 500 people gather in the Auckland Domain.

"While there were no arrests or incidents of note, police will complete a review phase in the coming weeks to determine if any follow-up action is required."

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