Far-right group Counterspin Media booted off Instagram after host called for violence

  • 22/08/2022

Far-right New Zealand conspiracy show Counterspin Media has been booted off Instagram.

It comes after host and far-right extremist Kelvyn Alp called for violence against the Government and politicians.

In a statement to Newshub, Meta said the account was temporarily suspended for "repeatedly violating our policies".

"Parasite palace is in need of fumigation. Every one of those politicians needs to be brought up on charges. Facts and evidence presented and if found guilty, I reckon you should hang them," Alp said during a livestream responding to Stuff's Fire and Fury documentary investigating disinformation in New Zealand. 

Counterspin Media, previously run on Steve Bannon’s GTV platform, had its main Instagram account and two others taken down over the weekend. 

Alp has a history of calling for violence against politicians, particularly during the Parliament protest in February. 

During a Counterspin broadcast, Alp said ACT leader David Seymour was lucky not to be hanged when he met with Parliament protest leaders. 

"You're lucky they haven't strung you up from the nearest bloody lamppost, you clown," Alp said.

"Everyone knows Seymour's just a gimp. All he's done is he's read the room, realised s*** these people are serious, there's a lot more of them throughout New Zealand." 

It comes after prominent anti-mandate protester Chantelle Baker was booted from Facebook after sharing harmful disinformation to her platform.

The daughter of former New Conservatives leader Leighton Baker confirmed on Instagram her page, which had boasted 97,000 followers, was taken down indefinitely on Saturday evening.