Kiwi student breaks nearly every bone in her body in rock climbing fall in US

A Kiwi student has broken almost every bone in her body after a horrific rock climbing accident in the US.

Now she faces a long road to recovery, having to learn how to walk again and a huge $1 million medical bill.

University of Otago marine biology student Anna Parsons, 21, was awarded a scholarship to study at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre in Canada.

Parsons decided to go to the US before she started her studies to do some rock climbing.

However, when Parsons was climbing at the Yosemite National Park in California she had a huge 12m fall on a runout slab.

Her sister, Jessica Ennor, said Parsons broke nearly every bone in her body including her neck, spine, pelvis, ribs, and feet, as well as suffering internal injuries such as a punctured lung. Her left foot was beyond repair and had to be amputated.

Fortunately, Parsons' head was fine and she remained conscious throughout the whole incident.

Anna Parsons in hospital after the accident.
Anna Parsons in hospital after the accident. Photo credit: Givealittle

Ennor said Parsons' survival was "nothing short of a miracle" and has created a Givealittle page to raise money to help get her back on her feet.

"Anna's medical bills are extensive as you can imagine, we now have a huge goal to try help cover some of the costs of repairing Anna," Ennor wrote.

Her travel insurance only covers a part of the costs of her surgeries and hospital care and the medical bills are over $1 million.

The funds will be spent on a prosthetic foot, treatment and rehabilitation.

"Thank you so much for being here and caring for Anna!! We know Anna will go on to do amazing things in her future!!

"Anna was rescued and cared for by some outrageous and courageous people. Anna would like to say a huge thank you to the SARS team who got her off the wall. She has been overwhelmed by the love and messages and support she has received from everyone.

"We know the journey ahead is going to be long."