Kiwis angered over 'disgusting' job advertisement uploaded to Seek

The ad is still up on Seek however the description has been changed and some of the original content has been deleted.
The ad is still up on Seek however the description has been changed and some of the original content has been deleted. Photo credit: Getty Images

An online job advertisement uploaded to Seek has caused anger online with users claiming it promotes a "toxic workplace".

The job ad, hunting for a plant operator at Gladfield Malt in Canterbury, was posted on Saturday and has been gaining a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons.

"Are you soft? Then keep scrolling elsewhere because this job is probably not for you! This job is hard work, it is dirty, dusty and noisy, but it is very rewarding. Don't get too excited our place is exclusive, not just anyone can work here," it stated.

"To work for Gladfield and be part of our truly incredible team of resilient people who get things done and don’t suffer fools, then you need a thick skin, and a brain that is clever enough to know what side your bread is buttered."

However, further down is where the ad for the family-owned business raised some eyebrows. 

 "If you have all that, and you have a partner who is smart enough to keep you well looked after and fit so you can perform at your best all the time instead of just some of the time, or no partner at all," it continued.

"If you don't have a whole tribe of parasites (oxygen deprived family members) feeding off your hard work, making you a depressing person to be around, then you just may be lucky enough that our team will let you join us."

The ad also included a list of what's on offer including that you can "kick for touch that PC, two-faced, double standard workplace you are currently working at and get back to working at a place where you don't apologise for waking up every morning" and a free beer every night after work.

The hours are 7:30am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday, but as for information about what the actual job entails the ad said to "use your imagination".

The ad did not go down well on social media after a user tweeted the job description calling it "toxic and disgusting" with the majority of users agreeing.

"Crack up how unprofessional the job description is, all they're really selling is that it sounds like an utterly miserable place to work," one person wrote.

"How to advertise a toxic workplace," another said.

"People trying to be funny and failing. Would not want to work there," a third said.

The ad is still up on Seek however the description has been changed and some of the original content has been deleted.

Gladfield Malt has not responded to Newshub's request for comment but has posted an apology on their social media, claiming the job advert was a rant that was accidentally posted.

"Hi everyone, sorry for the job advert that has offended some people, it wasn't meant to be posted, it was a rant that was accidentally sent through, and I posted it by mistake on a job website," co-owner of Gladfield malt Doug Michael explained.

"Once again Doug and I apologize for upsetting people it was a genuine mistake."

Michael told Stuff the rant was in response to the trouble he had finding staff at the moment.

He said it has been really challenging and surprisingly the unconventional ad did gain some genuine applications.

Industries across the country are facing critical staffing shortages.

According to the Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA), a survey found 100 percent of employers had vacancies they were struggling to fill and 53 percent were receiving job applications where prospective employees were "lacking in work readiness skills".  

EMA has called on the Government for a more managed transition period for necessary and skilled migrants to enter New Zealand amid the Government's immigration reset.