Prominent anti-mandate protester Chantelle Baker banned from Facebook

Prominent anti-mandate protester Chantelle Baker has been booted from Facebook after sharing harmful disinformation to her platform.

The daughter of former New Conservatives leader Leighton Baker confirmed on Instagram that her page, which had boasted 97,000 followers, was taken down indefinitely on Saturday evening.

Meta, which owns Facebook, has previously said it doesn't allow people to share misinformation on their profiles that could lead to harm.

"People who repeatedly breach these policies will have restrictions placed on their page, if removals hit a certain threshold we will remove the page. We strongly encourage people to report content, so we can review it and take the appropriate action," a spokesperson for the company said.

Baker, a self-proclaimed 'news personality', was a prominent figure in the anti-mandate protests at Parliament earlier this year, during which she made false claims including that police officers started the fires despite video footage showing otherwise. She also shared information that contradicted public health advice.  

Baker said she is contesting Meta's decision to remove her page.

The conspiracy 'influencer' has also used the ban to promote her new merchandise, which includes anti-Government and anti-media shirts, as well as merch emblazoned with anti-trans messaging.

Many people have flocked to social media in support of Meta's decision to take down Baker's page.

"That's 97k followers free from the influence of that parasite, what a day to be alive!" one person wrote, while a second referred to Baker as a "cancelled disinformation queen".

This article was amended on August 21 to remove Baker's claim that her page was taken down due to media pressure, following a documentary into New Zealand's misinformation. The story has been amended accordingly.