Auckland's tsunami siren network to be tested on Sunday

  • 20/09/2022
Don't be alarmed.
Don't be alarmed. Photo credit: Getty Images

If you hear the tsunami warning siren go off in Auckland at the end of this week, don't be alarmed it will likely just be a test.

At noon on Sunday, Auckland Emergency Management (AEM) will be testing the tsunami siren network across the Auckland region.

"There is no cause for alarm during the testing and no action is required," AEM said. "We will only be testing the siren network, not all forms of alerts."

The siren sound starts with the prompt "this is a test of the Auckland Emergency Management Tsunami Siren Network" followed by the standard emergency warning signal.

The Auckland tsunami siren network is tested twice a year at the change of daylight saving at midday. Emergency management said it is also a great reminder to change your clocks.

You can hear what the test siren sounds like here.