Estimated 200 students rally outside of Parliament a part of School Strike for Climate

Despite a wet and cold day in the capital an estimated 200 students have ditched school as a part of the School Strike for Climate (SS4C) and are rallying outside Parliament.

One placard held by a student reads: "Trees and air need more care".

"End coal," reads another.

Following a two-year hiatus, forced by COVID-19, students are now able to hit the streets to outline their demands for climate action. 

Students in the Super City have taken to Queen Street with close to 100 people marching through the city's main street.

Estimated 200 students rally outside of Parliament a part of School Strike for Climate
Photo credit: Trenton Doyle

Climate activist Sophie Handford told AM, Friday's school strike for climate will look a little different to the ones seen in previous years.

"[It'll be] potentially smaller as the movement rebuilds and gains momentum but you're likely to see a whole bunch of people really care about the future of Aotearoa and the World."

Handford said SS4C has several demands on the Government, with one being in the agricultural sector

"Facilitating real change in a reduction of emissions, so banning the use of synthetic nitrogen fertilizers and also halving the herd in Aotearoa."

And public transport too, Handford says there are "exciting" opportunities to address both environmental and social justice issues. 

"Creating accessibility to different modes of transport and public transport being a key one in reducing our emissions in the transport sector, which is our fastest increasing emissions sector."

She and SS4C would like to see free public transport for those under the age of 25, community services cardholders and total mobility cardholders.

Handford believes School Strike for Climate will continue to make an impact, for the better of future generations.

"We are also helping to shift the dial in terms of public conversation about the urgency for action," she said. 

"It's about our grandchildren, it's about a mokopuna, it's about the people who will follow us."

Students will gather in front of Parliament at 12pm on Friday, with other events taking place across the motu. 

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