Viv Beck withdraws from Auckland Mayoral race

Viv Beck has withdrawn from the Auckland Mayoral race to "avoid splitting the centre-right vote".

The former Heart of the City chief executive, who has been polling behind the Labour and Greens-endorsed Efeso Collins and independent candidate Wayne Brown, said in a statement on Friday that she would no longer be campaigning for the top Auckland job. 

"My decision comes with a heavy heart but given the strength of concern about issues that need addressing across our region, it is important to avoid splitting the centre-right vote," said Beck.

"I would like to acknowledge the hard work and unwavering support from my team, in particular the quality work on policies to address Aucklander's concerns.  I have also been heartened by the support I have received from people keen to see a different style of leadership governing our region and to those people, including C&R, I say a sincere thank you."

Beck's announcement comes on the same day voting ballots for the upcoming local election are sent out.

Her campaign has been rocked recently by questions over alleged unpaid money to an advertising firm. In her statement on Friday, Beck said she was concerned about "gross inaccuracies" said about her. 

"Overall, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to speak with so many people over the last few months and to hear their views on what needs to be done if we are to realise our region's full potential," she said.

"I'd like to see our region thrive, with a shared vision for a vibrant, inclusive and sustainable future and I look forward to playing my part in making this a reality."